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Getting Ready To Spring Clean

At this time of year the majority of people are happy that the cold and dark nights of Winter have passed and are looking forward to a long Summer. Not only is it a great time to feel refreshed but it’s also a time of year when you can refresh your house. The hardest part is finding the motivation to actually make it happen.

Spring cleaning can seem a major task, but it needs to be done. Starting with a fresh, clean and organised home will make everyone at home feel much better and ensures a healthy environment.

Before you make a start, choose one small area or room that you that you want to accomplish first. Choosing a high traffic area in your home to begin with will increase your motivation because you will be able to notice the result immediately.

As you make your way through areas of your home you can decide what belongings you want to keep, throw away, donate or place in storage. Make sure you only keep what you use and only store what you really want to keep.

At the end of the day you can sort these items by putting them in the correct place, throwing them away or by getting them ready for storage. You can then start fresh with the next area of the home.

By repeating this process in all the rooms in your house you will be to declutter one step at a time and really see the results as you go along. To find out how you can benefit from self storage to help you get organised around the home after the spring clean, visit our Quote and Reserve Online page to get started.