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How to maintain your New Year Resolution

It’s estimated that nearly half of all adults are going to try to stick to a New Year’s resolution this month. Are you one of the many who has promised to lose weight, take up more exercise, quit smoking and just generally organise your life? Why not try something new this year, and make an effort to keep your home as clutter free as possible? After all, we can all appreciate the benefits that a clean and mess free environment can bring.

It’s estimated that only 60% of resolutions are maintained after just one month, so if you want to continue to make the most of your time at home then check out these tips for domestic bliss:

1. Keep it nice and realistic – don’t expect to have cleared out all your wardrobes, organized all your CDs, and separated all of your tat from valuables in one afternoon. Stretch the ‘make over’ over a couple of weekends

2. Don’t over burden yourself with a multitude of resolutions. You’re not going to feel that great come the end of January if you are exhausted from trying to learn Spanish, take up swimming, spend more time with your family, decorate the living room and read more

3. A resolution isn’t just for January. Keeping your home clutter free is an ongoing project. So, for example, spend a few minutes when the kettle is boiling to go through that pile of old magazines and cut out anything you want to keep (then throw the magazines away!)

4. Get everyone who lives with you involved…this is a project for everyone! Encourage your children, for example, to see who can maintain the cleanest bedrooms

5. Start with one room, and once you are happy with it, move onto the next. This makes the task more manageable and will make you feel less overwhelmed

Good luck!