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Life Hacks

At Big Yellow, we like to give you a helping hand through life, and offer you tips to make each day a little easier.
From clever storage solutions to ingenious life hacks, here’s a selection of ideas that will help with everyday hitches. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Twitter page where we offer tips like this every day.

Creating wardrobe space
There’s no need to get hung up on limited wardrobe space with this simple hack. Use a tag from a can to hang two hangers together, doubling the amount of clothes in your closet.

Cable management
Whether it’s in the living room, bedroom or office, there’s bound to be a range of wires leading to who-knows-where. Labelling each one with what it’s connected to will save you time and frustration when you need to move the wires around.

Prevent the pain
These cute door stoppers can easily be made at home from spare cardboard, and are a quick solution to stop fingers getting trapped in doors. You could even get the kids involved to paint them however they like.
door stops

Make a list
To do lists are vital in every household, and this make-shift notepad will help you get organised. It’s easy to make with a roll of parchment paper, a loop of string and as many coloured felt tip pens you like.
note pad

Don’t get your wires crossed
Every home has one of those drawers or boxes that are filled with wires, chargers and so many electronic pieces you don’t even know what they’re used for anymore. It’s a nightmare when the one you need is all tangled up. Avoid the stress of having to untangle with this cheap trick, which is sure to keep your wires from messing up.
cables 2