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Make Some Space, Make Some Money

You don’t have to be David Dickenson to spot a valuable item in your home. Having a good search around your home may uncover some precious heirlooms you’ve previously overlooked. Most garages, lofts and sheds are crammed full of belongings, clearing out these spaces could have you laughing all the way to the bank.

There are countless success stories of people finding antique items in their homes worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Ian and Lynda Spires from Milton Keynes uncovered some old railway signs in their loft, worth an amazing £20,000. The signs were being used as make shift flooring.

Even if you don’t find a rare antique or priceless collector’s item in your house, it is a good opportunity to de-clutter areas which are getting a bit untidy. You will benefit from having more space in your home and it will be much easier to find your belongings when you need them.

Making a start can be difficult, as de-cluttering can be a daunting task. Tackle one room at a time and divide each room into sections to break up the workload. Set aside enough time to tackle each section and make sure you have everything you need to assist you before you start – like boxes, rubbish bags and cleaning products.

Have a good look through all of your drawers, shelves and cupboards. Keep an eye out for any unusual or old items – and if you find anything of interest, put it to one side to be valued later. Make you sure you organise everything neatly when you put it back.

Utilise certain areas for storage of items used less often, such as under the bed, the top of your wardrobe or under the stairs. Use storage boxes and vacuum packs to store these items tidily. At Big Yellow, we sell a range of boxes and vacuum bags in store and online, go to our Boxes Etc page to find out more.

Anything which is no longer useful should be donated to charity, or as a last resort taken down the local tip. For anything that you don’t want in your home but still want to keep, consider using self storage.

At Big Yellow Self Storage we have a range of self storage rooms available from 9 sq ft to 400 sq ft and you can easily access your things seven days a week. To find out more visit our Quote and Reserve Online page.