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Make the most from your house sale by de-cluttering

If the recent overhaul of the stamp duty land tax has prompted you to think more about moving home in 2015, you will need to ensure your home is tip top to stand out from other properties on the market. One of the best ways to do this is by de-cluttering.

Our recent research reveals that not only does clutter deter buyers from making an offer, but homes that appear more spacious are likely to clinch a higher sale price. Two thirds of sellers who de-cluttered before viewings received a higher offer than expected – an impressive £4,811 more, on average.43% of house buyers admit that in hindsight they’ve made a higher offer on a property because it had been de-cluttered and they thought it was bigger.

As well as clutter, bug bears that put buyers off making an offer include discolouration or smell due to smoking in the house (32%) which tops the list, followed by knick knacks and ornaments on display (26%) and pet smells or paraphernalia (26%). The top 10 property turn offs are:

1. Discolouration or smell due to smoking in the house (32%)
2. Knick knacks and ornaments on display (26%)
=2. Pet smells or paraphernalia (26%)
4. Small kitchen appliances cluttering work tops (22%)
=4. Rooms crowded with furniture (22%)
6. Dirty dishes or food left out (19%)
7. Unmade bed/s (15%)
=7. Pets living in the house (15%)
9. Overflowing washing basket (12%)
=9. Overflowing wardrobes/cupboards (12%)

If you’re selling your property, find out more about the simple tactics that can help you maximise the space in your home to clinch that sale.