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Making Space in Your Attic

The free space in your attic is often taken up by the Christmas decorations and old children’s toys that never see the light of day. While sorting through your belongings you may find items that are a blast from the past and even some hidden treasures.

Attics are usually dumping grounds that lack organisation but you can use the free space to clear clutter around your home before it becomes unbearable. The first task is to eliminate any items that are broken or you no longer have a need for.

Some people like to hoard items because they think they will use them again someday and find it hard to throw anything away. However, keeping the clutter takes up valuable space that can be used to free up other areas of your home. You could sell any items that you find that still have value but you no longer want on an online auction site or garage sale. Not only will it create more space but it will put some cash in your pocket.

For the items you have decided to store, it’s a good idea to add shelves, hooks and racks that can maximise the space available.