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Out with the old, in with 2015

We’re all guilty of making resolutions and not sticking to them (we’ve heard that a quarter of the nation doesn’t even make it past the first week). Why not make 2015 the year to make that resolution happen. We’ve put together some resolutions you could start tomorrow… and stick to… if you really want?

Get fit
After all that Christmas indulgence, a lifetime on the sofa and a few too many on too many occasions, why wouldn’t you want to get back to your best in January? While summer might seem far away, it’s only six months until you’ll need to think about revealing that body beautiful at your closest beach, park or lido. Why not think about a home gym?

Reclaim space in your spare room or garage by moving the contents into Big Yellow. We offer flexible storage contracts for as little or as much stuff as needs looking after. This will give you enough space for home gym equipment or allow you to start those star jump routines and lunges to that fitness DVD you got for Christmas.

Start a business

You’ve talked about it for ages. Working for someone else doesn’t excite you. You’ve lost your passion for the day job and would rather focus on what matters to you. Why not get out of the rat race and set up a home business? In 2013 we found that almost half of UK home start-ups have more business confidence than compared to 2012. If you are thinking about a business that sells products online you need to think about a place to store your stock, away from your home. Big Yellow provides local, secure and flexible storage. You can start small and as your orders and stock levels grow, simply move up into a larger storage room. Unlike traditional warehousing, there are no long term leases to sign. Why not get inspired and see how some of our current business customers got started (click here)

Spend more time with friends and family
We know that in order to get your business off the ground, or achieve that promotion you need to put in the work. But we also know that it’s only worth it if it affords you the lifestyle you want and eventually gives you the time you need with friends and family. Have you ever thought about creating space at home like a cinema or a games room where you can spend host your nearest and dearest in the comfort of your own home?

Learn something new
Whatever your passion, 2015 is the year to make it happen. You’ve probably got a spare room, junk room, garage, loft or shed that’s piled high with boxes that you’ll sort out one day. Why not today? The additional space could mean adding value to your home but it can also give you the opportunity to set up a yoga studio, an art studio or maybe even a workshop. You could create a library to relax and read all those books or magazines that have been on the list for too long. Maybe create some space to learn a new musical instrument. Create a study and become fluent in a language. Whatever it is, make space in your life and in your home to learn something new this year.

Big Yellow says relax
A New Year means a new start, don’t wait for Spring to declutter – get organised and you’ll be amazed by what a difference it makes to your life. We’ve all heard that old fable “A tidy desk leads to a tidy mind”, let’s extend that to the rest of your home. By clearing out the clutter in your home and getting organised at the beginning of the year will save you time in the long run, time you can dedicate to fulfilling your other resolutions. Big Yellow offers storage space starting at the size of a large locker, so whether it’s clearing out books to make room on the shelves or having somewhere to store your ski gear once the season has passed, Big Yellow can help you create space whilst allowing you to keep hold of your possessions.

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