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Resolutions For The Whole Year, Not Just January

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to make a resolution that will benefit you and your living space. Only 40% of resolutions made at the start of the year make it past January. Therefore the solution to maintaining them is to make small and manageable promises that you can keep all year round. Here’s our selection of simple New Year’s Resolutions that you can keep longer than one month:

If you think your wardrobe is due for an overhaul then this is the opportunity to free up valuable space. You can do this regularly at different times throughout the year as your winter clothing may need a refresh or there’s a jacket that you think you’ll never wear again. There’s no need to hoard it but rather than throwing them away, you can give them to friends, place them in storage or donate them to a local charity shop.

The New Year is an opportunity for you to go green in your home. You can help by recycling all of your paper products whether it’s old wrapping paper, magazines or shredded documents. Designate a specific part of your house where you can keep things that need to be recycled in a box. This will only keep the clutter away if it’s removed regularly.

Put all the chores that need doing around the home in a calendar well in advance of when they actually need to be done. This will allow you to set aside time for what you need to do and you then can tick the chore as completed on your calendar. This will give you the feeling of control and a big sense of accomplishment when the clutter is cleared.

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