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Say “I do” to storage

The question’s been popped and the answer’s “Yes”… Now the work begins.

Believe it or not most women plan their wedding from the age of 13 before they’ve even met the groom. No matter what style of celebration, ‘the BIG day’ will be the main topic of conversation from the word “yes” to the words “I do”.

There is a lot to think about: table settings, flowers, the seating plan, favours, food, who you’re actually going to invite and of course the dress – and that’s just to name a few. Soon, your house becomes the equivalent of a bridal shop and you have no way of escaping ‘wedding world’. Storage can help.

Our wardrobe-sized lockers are perfect for storing all those little touches that are going to make the day. Pack up your favours and store away your centerpieces in an environment that’s secure, clean and most importantly, away from your usual clutter.

Big Yellow can help you walk down the aisle stress free with short-term contracts. We’ll even let you upsize your space when you find that the number of favours has doubled.

Find out more about the storage options you have with Big Yellow here.

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