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The Big Yellow Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas just a few days away, many people will still be rushing around the shops to get their last minute gifts and hoping there will be no more snow until Christmas Day. Here are some top tips for presents to buy without creating clutter in your friends or family’s homes.

It is essential when purchasing gifts for people that you buy items they actually want or need and avoid duplicating what they already have. Every year people receive Christmas gifts that are really nice but they just have no idea what to do with them. Instead of being put to good use they end up not being used and put in a closet.

Buying an activity experience is a great present and there are many things that they offer such as luxury spa treatments, sport stadium tours and driving some of the best sport cars. Not only will the recipient have a great day, it also means there are no large gifts that they need to find space for in their home.

Presents for children are usually the worst offenders for clutter. Many toys and games come with small parts that can often be found in all areas around the home. A useful tip to avoid the accumulation of more toys is to giveaway old or unused toys for donation. Not only will this clear space for new gifts but there are many charities that arrange appeals for unwanted toys to give to children that are less fortunate on Christmas Day.

If you’re wondering where you can keep all your gifts and decorations after Christmas, visit to find out how you can benefit from self storage.