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The children have gone, but what to do with all their lingering stuff?

Did you know that when leaving the family home for the first time, 17% of children leave a whole rooms worth of belongings or more? This begs the question of what to do with all this stuff when they’re gone, and what about if they come home?
We recently conducted a survey looking into the so-called Boomerang Generation, and discovered a whole host of interesting insights into how parents feel about the stuff that children leave when they move out.

When a child grows up and flies the nest, parents tend to repurpose the room to make the most out of the space. We found the top uses to be either a guest room or storage space.

However, 43% of parents have negative feelings towards their child’s possessions left in the family home. They think it adds clutter, and it stops them from making the most out of the space.

That’s where we come in. We don’t want you to feel negative about stuff in your home, so we’ll look after it for you until your children ask for it back. We found that parents make the mistake of throwing out £285 worth of stuff, which is bound to cause arguments around the home if they do return. So to avoid this, and to have a guest room AND storage space, give us a call, get a quote and find out about all the different storage units we have to offer.