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Top 5 DIY Websites For Tips

There are many DIY websites on the internet, but we are big fans of five in particular. Some are strictly DIY while some are more design focussed. Some are glorified message boards while some are absolutely stunning websites. However, they’re all going to be help you fulfil your DIY needs. – A massive online resource filled with in-depth “how to” articles, forums, videos, and user submitted “Did it myself!” projects. There is also a Question of the Day section, Tips & Tricks, and more. – This website allows you to not only customise your Ikea flat pack furniture, but also offers fantastic ideas for modifications or “hacks.” The site is the brainchild of Jules in Malaysia (who lives only 15 minutes away from an Ikea store), but most ideas and articles are user submitted. Our favourites include the Billy Bookcase converted into a Marshall Amplifier and the stool that becomes a table for two. – A part of the Better Homes and Gardens network, this site really focuses on the community aspect of DIY. The site includes forums, photo galleries, and even a DIY wiki. There are also some great photographs of completed rooms for inspiration. – Not strictly a DIY website, but offers “how to” information on a variety of things, from the wacky to the helpful. For example, have you ever wanted to build your own Dr. Who Tardis? You can find out how with a full explanation and photographs to guide you through each step here. – Its design makes it look unremarkable, but it’s actually a fantastic resource for any DIY experts and first timers alike. The site also features its own shop, and a search option that allows you to find an expert or supplier in your area just in case you need further help.

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