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Under the stairs

You know that place that you walk past every day and stick coats or bags under. Maybe it’s the home of your vacuum cleaner, or maybe it’s just where you put your very own Harry Potter!

In this blog, we’ll be looking at how to gain back space in your house and create your very own mini office under the stairs!

First up, is your under stairs space sealed behind a panel or is it open? If it’s sealed, take the panels off and open the space up. By doing this you’ll create loads more space instantly as you’ll be widening the corridor area up. Most under stairs areas are usually covered in with boarding and wallpaper on top or paint. They’re relatively easy to take down but if you are unsure then ask a local handy man or builder.
Once you have your stairs opened up, start thinking about your new office area. It’s going to be small so don’t expect a Wall Street style pad, but more a convenient area to work from home if necessary.

To make maximum use of the space we’d recommend erecting a small wooden desk space that runs around the back of the area for its full length. This can easily be done with basic woodworking skills and some timber from your DIY store. It could be as simple as a flat bit of wood with four legs screwed to it! To get some more ideas about what this could look like check out

Once you’ve got your desk set up you can get some smaller storage drawers like these from IKEA to put your office bits and pieces in to keep them neat.
Think about a chair and one which won’t take up too much room. Forget really big arms etc and opt for a slim line version if you’re not planning on spending too much time in your chair. Something without arms will be easier to tuck under your table when you are not using it. IKEA again have one that fits the bill:

Once you’ve got your desk, your storage and your chair sorted, you’ll never know what you did without your very own office at home!

If you find you have too many files to store under your stairs, then why not consider a small locker at Big Yellow Self Storage? Prices start from £6 a week and rental periods from just 1 week.