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We need some space

The first rule of an uncluttered home is to make sure there’s a place for everything. Yet city living means there’s often a limit on storage space – even if you don’t have a lot of stuff. Clever storage solutions are one thing. But once the space under-the-bed, under-the-stairs and on-top-of-the-wardrobe has been filled with your winter duvet, jumpers and scarves or perhaps empty suitcases from holidays past, what do you do?

RIBA (The Royal Institution of British Architects) coined the term “rabbit hutch Britain” after it found that the size of a typical new terraced house has fallen from over 1,000 square feet in the 1920s to just 645 square feet today.

The average UK home is lacking space the equivalent of a single bedroom but most of us have probably got enough stuff to fill one… maybe even two!

At Big Yellow, we believe that self-storage is an extension of your loft space, cupboards and wardrobe. It’s a place you can securely keep your Christmas decorations, sports equipment or maybe the clothes your child has grown out of, but might be useful for when baby number two comes along… without getting in the way. It’s for those things that you need, but don’t need right now.

Self-storage isn’t just about big spaces for storing big items for long periods with little to no access. We offer smaller spaces too – ideal if you just need to store away a few boxes. And our space is your space. You can come and go as you please and more importantly, only pay for the space you need.

We offer large locker-sized storage (think half a phone box) that can store up to 14 boxes. You can store from as little as seven days or for as long as you like/need. Prices start from £2.85 a week so get in touch to find out more about how Big Yellow can help you gain some much needed space.