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Who lives in a house like this?

We’ve all had dreams of winning the lottery and splashing out on a new car, a holiday or a new place to call home. But imagine what you could do if you had $1bn to your name? Would you blow it all on one extravagant property or buy ten?

Here at Big Yellow we’ve had a look at some of the most valuable homes in the world to put into perspective just what kind of properties that much cash can buy (we’ve saved the best till last).
First on our most impressive list is…

The Rybolovlev Estate – $95 million (£59.6m)

The most expensive home ever fought over in a divorce case is The Rybolovlev Estate. This 33,000 square foot oceanfront mansion has 18 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms and was originally up for sale for $125million. Previous owners include Donald Trump.

Silicon Valley Mansion — $100 million (£62.8m)

The Silicon Valley Mansion is the most expensive single-family home in the US valued at $100 million. With 29 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an indoor AND an outdoor pool, this is a house you’d never run out of space in.

The Pinnacle — $155 million (£97.3m)

Owned by Tim Blixseth (a real estate developer), The Pinnacle in Montana is unique for two reasons:
• It has a private chair lift directly from the house to a nearby ski resort
• Its garden is a full ski resort

Surely if you had this kind of money the first thing you would buy is your own ski resort?

The Hearst Mansion — $165 Million (£103.6m)

The Hearst Mansion was used in the film, The Godfather and John F Kennedy is said to have spent his honeymoon here. It boasts three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, a movie theatre and even a disco.
We’ve seen the most fought after, those with a ski lift and even of those used in The Godfather. This next home really is the most impressive (and most expensive) home in the world.

Antilla – $1,000,000,000 (£628.2m)

Located in Mumbai, this $1bn dollar home challenges pretty much everything you’d expect about “what is possible in a home” and “what is possible for architecture.” The 27-story house has six floors dedicated to parking, a health level (with a Jacuzzi, gym, and “ice room”), a ballroom level, several floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. It even has a four-story garden.

Now not everyone has this amount of money and space floating around. However you can quickly make a mansion out of your home by de-cluttering. Store the items you don’t use and make some space for extravagance.

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