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Win An iPad With Big Yellow Space Savers

We’ve launched our brand new Facebook game ‘Big Yellow Space Savers’ and every two weeks we’ll be giving away some amazing prizes including an iPad and an Xbox console. To win one of our prizes you’ll have to store as many items as possible in your virtual Big Yellow Self Storage room and by inviting your friends to take part in the game, you’ll be earning points when they store items too!

All you have to do is catch falling items from a van before they hit the ground. Once you’ve caught them successfully you’ll be able to store an item from the gallery in your room, with each item giving you points on the leader board. You can personally add one item a day and you can see your friend’s recently added items in your virtual self storage room. However, the more friends you invite to play who store items, the more points you can score each day.

To take part in Big Yellow Space Savers and get your hands on fantastic prizes all you have to do is head over to and start filling your room up with the help of your friends!