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Wine Is Like Men, Some Turn To Vinegar

…But The Best Improve With Age

When on holiday, we all like to make the most of bargains we can get while away. Wine, one of life’s true pleasures, is one of our most favourite items to bring back. Quite right too! The cost of a bottle of wine in England has soared by 44p in the last 12 months. Tax hikes have led to the average price of a bottle of wine to leap up to £4.26. In any case, if you’re in Bordeaux, it would just be bad manners not to bring back a bottle or two!

Once you get home, however, your new found love needs a good home. Unless, of course, you plan to drink it all at once! At Big Yellow Self Storage, we know that there are key factors that contribute to good storage of wine. Temperature, light and vibration are all very important to ensure your favourite tipple does not turn into nasty plonk. We can place your wine in one of our specially designed wine self storage units. Whenever you decide to have that dinner party to tell friends about your fantastic holiday, you can ensure that the wine will taste just as brilliant as when you bought it.

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