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  • 22nd March 2012
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Where to keep your favourite pair…

Do you have a mountain of shoes at your front door? With a smaller mountain at the back door? And a large, unorganised mound at the bottom of your wardrobe? Then now is the time to sort out your shoe collection.
Whether you have a million pairs of trainers, or heels you forgot you even owned, check out our top tips for storing your shoes, and put an end to shoe mounds and odd shoes.

Removing the clutter from the front door: First of all, decide what shoes are allowed to stay at the front door. Be strict! Every day work shoes are fine, but high heels you throw on once a month should not be left lying next to the front door. Once you have been ruthless, stay ruthless. Ask all household members to only keep one or two pairs of shoes by the front door.

Shoe Rack: To help organise this now smaller mountain, buy a shoe rack. This will keep your shoes organised and out of the way, whilst helping to enforce the one or two pairs rule. If they don’t fit on the rack, then they can’t stay by the front door.

Wardrobe: Organising the wardrobe mound can be more difficult, and is space dependent. If you have ample space, then invest in clear shoe boxes. They keep all your precious shoes dust free, and the clear box helps avoid having to open up all of your shoe boxes before reaching the last box and finding those shoes for that outfit. If buying new shoe boxes seems a tad extreme, why not take a photo of your shoes and stick it on the box where it can be easily seen. Problem solved.

Alternative places: If your wardrobe lacks the space for 5 big shoe boxes (or 50) then why not try storing them somewhere else? Under-bed storage is great for men’s shoes and womens flats and they can easily be laid out in pairs, or bundled together to squeeze even more in. Ikea have some great storage solutions including for in the wardrobe or that can hang on the back of your door, freeing up the space at the bottom of your wardrobe.

If you find you have too many pairs and not enough space, consider a small locker at Big Yellow Self Storage. We can keep your shoes safe and ready for when you need them.