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  • 26th October 2011
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Clear your place to clear your mind – A guide to Feng Shui

The ancient art of Feng Shui is said to bring about good fortune, health, and happiness as well as reducing negative and harmful energy. All this can be achieved by re-arranging your living space! The Chinese have been taking heed of Feng Shui for over 3,000 years and slowly but surely its spread to Western cultures.
Have you embraced the art of Feng Shui yet? Well, we at Big Yellow Self Storage have put together a guide for you to make you a Feng Shui master in no time!

1. Get rid of the clutter. Ever feel like you’ve got so many thoughts cluttering your mind you just can’t seem to think straight? It’s the same in your home. An essential step of Feng Shui to clear the clutter from your home and banish the low and confusing energy that clutter creates. For instance, in your bedroom, there are certain items that create visual clutter, such as: stacks of books, electronic devices and CDs which all provoke negative energy and as your bedroom’s the most personal space to you, these shouldn’t be found there. Be ruthless, go through your closets and get rid of the things you don’t wear anymore but are keeping ‘just in case’ and any other bits and bobs that you no longer need but are still holding on to. And this doesn’t just apply to women…

2. Make sure your house is airy and light. Introduce purer air into your house by opening windows frequently to let natural air circulate. For the winter days and nights when that’s not so easy without the risk of catching a chill, why not invest in an air purifying plant which helps to remove toxins from the air? You can find a list of the top ten on the House of Plant website so it’s just a matter of picking which one is best suited to your home. As light is the strongest manifestation of energy it is important to try to have as much natural light or good quality artificial light as possible in your home to ensure the energy is positive.

3. Define the Bagua or energy map of your house. In Feng Shui, every aspect of your life is connected to an area of your home. Below is a list of the areas in your home and which part of your life they are connected to:
North Bagua Area: career
North-East Bagua Area: spirituality and personal growth
East Bagua Area: health and family
South-East Bagua Area: wealth and abundance
South Bagua Area: fame and reputation
South-West Bagua Area: love and marriage
West Bagua Area: creativity and children
North-West Bagua Area: helpful people and blessings

Thinking about settling down and having kids? Why not make your bedroom your South-West Bagua area?

4. 5 Feng Shui elements. The five elements of Feng Shui are represented by colours:
Wood = green and brown
Fire = red, yellow, orange, purple and pink
Earth = light yellow and light brown
Metal = white and grey
Water = blue and black
Incorporating these colours into your decor will bring these elements into your house. Turn up the heat by painting your halls pink or get back to basics with a light brown living room. Colour is important.

Want to start Feng Shui’ing your home? Follow our tips and you’ll be off to a great start! And if you’re not quite ready to chuck your old stuff out completely then Big Yellow is at hand.
Please share your Feng Shui experiences with Big Yellow if you decided to give it a go. Did you enjoy the new layout and clutter free environment of your home? Are you on the path to enlightenment? Do you feel “lighter than air?”