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  • 8th November 2011
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Adding brightness to your home

With the clocks recently going back, the evenings getting darker and winter creeping in there’s no better time to lighten up you house. You might be leaving work after the sun has set, but there’s no need to go home to a darkened cave!

Have no fear as we are here with our top tips to banish the darkness and help brighten up your home life…

1. Natural light isn’t the only option.
The first idea that comes to mind is more windows; however this is time consuming, expensive and will require a lot of work. So why not invest in some florescent lighting and lamps? The kind they have in your local doctor’s surgery, except they don’t have to look clinical. Head over to Lighting at Home to get some ideas. Because fluorescent lighting is bright it will provide extra artificial light that will not block out natural sun light in the day.

2. Hall of mirrors.
Mirrors are not only great for getting ready but they help to make your home look bigger and lighter by attracting and reflecting light. We are not suggesting you make your house look like a fun house, but a few carefully placed mirrors can work to bring the light back into your life. With so many varieties available you won’t find yourself having to decide between a shaving or full length mirror.

3. Dark vs. Light.
Avoid those British racing greens and Falun reds. As the dark creeps in reconsider the colours of your rooms. Pastel shades and lighter hues are perfect. This is especially important for rooms which you spend a lot of time in, such as the living room. Consider your curtains as well. Use lace or solid blocked colour curtains instead of your everyday whites. This means when you close the curtains to keep the cold out, you don’t keep the light out too. Maybe try matching your curtains to your furniture of centre pieces to really open up your room.

4. Second skin.
Dark furniture may look your house look more sophisticated, but it will also darken your space. We are not suggesting you go and buy a new 3 piece suite, but why not cover your dark furniture with a light or colourful throw or even some old bed linen. That vintage feel is very chic at the moment.

5. De-Clutter.
Another option is to open up your space and bring in light to all those nooks and crannies. Do you really need those tall dark shelves or cupboards? Do you really use that second sofa in the Lounge? If you don’t; feel like chucking them out, you could always re-house them temporarily by storing some of your unused furniture with us. You can store by the week, month or year at very reasonable prices. (Visit our website to find out how you can get 50% off for the first eight weeks)