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  • 25th August 2011
  • News

Big Yellow boxes up some help!

Big Yellow Self Storage Ilford uses their space to help people in need again.

On August 3rd a fire ripped through a flat in Ilford. One of the occupants was hospitalized with spinal injuries following a dramatic leap from the window to safety. The fire was finally put out with the help of 30 fire fighters.

Having seen the dramatic pictures in last week’s Recorder, Assistant manager Charlotte Mier felt compelled to offer as much help as possible and despite having already used up the store’s charity budget arranged a free storage room and boxes.

After the blaze, the partner of the woman, understood to still be in hospital this week recovering from spinal injuries, said: “Fortunately, we are both alive, which is most important, but I would like to give out my personal thank you to the community for all their assistance”.

This is the second family that the store has helped this year due to fires.