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Big Yellow Colchester supports The Soma Leo Foundation

Our Big Yellow store in Colchester are proud to be helping out The Soma Leo Foundation, providing space and packing materials to support its Christmas Appeal.

As trustees of The Soma Leo Foundation, our friends at Pound Gates visited Kenya to learn about the good work the Foundation provides.
Recently, The Soma Leo Foundation has established a partnership with the Kenyan based Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF), and thanks to this they have developed the logistics that make the shipping of worthwhile supplies economically viable.
Feeling inspired by their experience and their new found partnership, The Soma Leo Foundation have launched a Christmas Appeal. They are collecting donations to ship to children who attend The Soma Leo Academy and Senator Barack Obama Primary School, a community school supported by the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation.

They plan to ship a container in January, filled with over 100 laptops, PCs, exercise and reading books, donated by Ipswich School, as well as everything they collect from the Appeal.

The children, both boys and girls, are aged between 3 and 11, and you can find a specification of what the charity are and are not seeking here if you would like to donate.