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  • 18th September 2009
  • News

Big Yellow Self Storage on MTV!

Big Yellow Self Storage boxes are not just great for storing things in, they are also make a fantastic prop for music videos as shown in the music video for Kyla’s brand new Funky House track, Daydreaming.

We’re very excited about featuring in Kyla’s video, and love her new song that is out on the 21st of September. In the video, directed by Jak FrSH, Kyla is making a cup of tea and chilling out in her flat on a Sunday afternoon surrounded by Big Yellow Self Storage boxes. You may have seen the video on MTV Dance, and be familiar with some of Kyla’s previous singles, including the floor filler ‘Do You Mind’ which came out in January of this year.

So thanks very much to The Digital Holdings & FrSH Entertainment video producers for choosing our boxes! If anyone wants to get hold of Big Yellow Self Storage boxes, for whatever the reason they’re available from our stores or online here

Check out Kyla’s video: