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  • 13th December 2011
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Christmas day – Making the most of your space

It’s that time of year again and with Christmas rapidly approaching, families are beginning to sort out holiday plans. Who’s playing host? Where will all the children sleep? How to keep the in-laws happy? What causes many people stress over the holidays is how to comfortably fit and entertain all guests in their home. Make sure everyone enjoys the festive season by reading our top tips on how to ensure your guests have the perfect stay and how you can knock one less worry off your holiday to-do-list.

1. De-clutter
First things first; you’ve got a few weeks to go before the big day so use this time wisely. It’s time to make a little extra room in your life. Having a general clean out will instantly give you more space to work with when preparing to entertain the family over Christmas holidays. You’ll feel instantly better knowing you’ve organised a little extra space for guests. Start with your kitchen, making sure you’ve got all the equipment necessary for cooking for all your guests. Second go through all your bedrooms and clean them out – be ruthless; maximise your space. Our top tip is to rent some Big Yellow Self Storage for a month to temporarily house additional bedroom items, so you can fit in those additional beds and make sure everyone’s not tripping over each other. Storage prices begin at £7 per week.

On the day

2. Put all the children together
Kids love a sleepover and what better way to celebrate the holidays than by having one big slumber party with all the siblings and cousins. Dedicate a room as a “kids zone”, set up some games and toys, and let their imaginations do the rest. Set up some comfortable airbeds for the children to sleep on and bring in some sleeping bags and pillows. You can buy airbeds from the big supermarkets from around £10 in both pink and blue to keep them happy!

3. The Parents and The In-Laws
Your parents and the in-laws are definitely the ones to impress this Christmas season. If you don’t have a guest bedroom or much room to spare don’t despair! Find a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle and set up a peaceful bedroom for them to stay in. If you prefer to give them your own room as the more comfortable option, great! Provide a space close to all amenities they may need to access while visiting. Quality, self-inflatable air mattresses can be found at bigger high street stores, taking the huffing and puffing troubles away from you. These airbeds range from £49.00-£80.

4. Suggest affordable accommodation nearby
If you’ve simply run out of room, don’t fret. Suggest to aunts and uncles a few affordable choices for accommodation. Many pubs will have cheap rooms available and Bed & Breakfasts are always a great substitute, offering a homey feel. Check out online discount accommodation websites like, or

5. Seating everyone around the Christmas Dinner
It’s always difficult finding a place for everyone to sleep but it’s equally important to be able to fit everyone around the dining table for that family Christmas dinner. Creating a kid’s table is an easy way to make more room for the adults at the main table. It’s an easy way for the children to be entertained and not lost or bored in the adult conversations. If your table is not big enough, additional folding chairs and folding tables can be found at a variety of shops. Simply throw a festive tablecloth over top and no one will know the difference.

Enjoy the holiday season!