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  • 23rd November 2011
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Cool Collections – 2012

With the year winding to a close, there is no better time to start thinking about next year. Want to stay ahead of the crowd? Read our top tips for cool things to collect in 2012 and get a head start to your collection.
1. Vinyl records: With most people downloading music, and mp3s taking over, you’d think that that the nails were already in the coffin for vinyl, and yet with the current trend for all things retro, there’s been a surge in sales from specialist shops. This year in the UK sales of vinyl records have increased by 55%, and are expected to increase even more so next year, and prices are continually rising with some albums changing hands for thousands of pounds! Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the feel, but whatever it is, vinyl is hot for 2012! From the art work to the insert and linear notes, vinyl allows the individual to have a physical connection to their music, a talisman if you will. So why not kick start your collection by heading down to your local record store and get crate diggin’.

2. Vintage cameras: Instagram, Hipstermatic, Lo-Mob, the list of vintage camera apps goes on. Why not go for the real thing? Vintage cameras can be picked up at charity shops, car boot sales and auction sites such as ebay very cheaply. Not only will this start a great photography hobby, but also has an element of spontaneity; not knowing how each camera will process your shots. Rest assured; you will always get that cool authentic vintage feel to your photos. Vintage cameras also double up as great ornaments in your home, adding a touch of class to your bedroom, living room or wherever else you choose to display them.

3. DVDs: With the current financial uncertainty and people up and down the country tightening up their purse strings and going out less and staying in more. Watching films have become a lot more popular. There is nothing cooler than having friends round to watch a film and when that age old question of, “what do you want to watch” comes up, revealing your extensive film collection with everything from action classics to French new wave to romance to B-movie horror. A well stocked DVD collection will mean you are never stuck with what to watch and you can have something for everyone. Staying in has never been so much fun! PLUS you can pick up DVD’s from car boot sales or on sites such as Ebay for pence!

4. Bike parts: Everybody seems to be biking, whether it’s fixed gear, racing, BMX or town bike – people are going 2 wheel mad! It’s not a case of walking into a shop and riding out with a new bike though. The latest trend is buying a frame and building up and/or restoring it with your own parts. This will ensure that whatever style of bike you chose, it will be unique and serve your particular propose for it. You can pick up bike parts anywhere and everywhere, and if you’re not a natural at putting bits and bobs together you can find help on online guides.

At Big Yellow Self Storage we realise that collections can take up a lot of space. You may want to take the “in with the new, out with the old” approach. If you do, we have heaps of storage space for all your things. If you decide your collection isn’t working for you – you can always come and get your old things back.

Share your tips of cool things to collect in 2012 with us. At Big Yellow we are always looking for the next big thing.