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  • 23rd March 2012
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Creating a home library

Are you an avid reader? Do you want a space to get away from the world and delve into a good magazine or classic book? A home library could be just what you are looking for and you don’t need a mansion for this dream to come true. We have put together some top tips on how to get started.

Location: The ideal space is quiet, preferably with doors. This could be a guest bedroom or loft if you have one. If you are not blessed with this much space, look at combining a room such as a sitting area. Your library can be a perfect space to entertain guests too.

Shelves: Take a look at the size of your space and the amount of books you currently own. Try and use all possible space with shelving, this can be in the classic style floor to ceiling or the more modern open shelving. Always check the sturdiness of the walls before building, ensure it is hung with the proper anchors and supports into the studs.

Books and Magazines: Take a look at what literature you have. You can choose how you would like to organize these and make them easily accessible. If you have multiple genres, split your space into genres and then order alphabetically by the author’s last name. Magazine’s store best flat. Organise by date if you are an avid collector. If you are sorting through your books and find you still have Economics 101 from you’re A-levels, consider placing these in alternative storage such as Big Yellow.

Colours and furniture: The colour of your library will suit you and the area of your home. If it a separate space you may choose to go classic with dark browns, burgundy and hunter greens. However as it is a modern library you can focus on light and bright colours such as shades of whites, making it a relaxing space. The seats are very important for the space, they need to fit with a small side table and lamp as well as be comfortable. Based on your space, determine how many chairs, sofas, tables and lamps can fit comfortably. You could use Big Yellow’s Space Kit App to help you re-design your room.

Office supplies: If the space is also being used for a home study make sure you factor in space for both functions of the room, for example electricity sockets for computers and printers. Make sure you have adequate storage for files so these don’t clutter up your bookshelves. If you need extra space you can always store at Big Yellow for as little at £7 a week.

Lighting: Ensure your space has natural light for the day as well as artificial light for the evening. It is suggested to have side table lamps and overhead lighting. Why not add a dimmer to ensure you can make the room more versatile as you can chat over a board game and a hot chocolate.

Low cost: If you are not ready to re-do the whole space there are some inexpensive aesthetic ways to get that little piece of heaven. Look at Ikea at their magazine and book storage. There are some great ways to hold your favourite magazines and keep them looking great.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be relaxing in your reading room and enjoying your books and magazines and not drowning in old school books and piles of old magazines!