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  • 2nd March 2012
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Is your shed or basement full of clutter and looking for a real purpose in life? Then why not turn it into an amazing pool room!

Fun for all ages and a cool design piece for your home, what more would you want for your abode? A pool table is a great addition to the household, but it is a big item, so how do you make room for it? Big Yellow is here to help.

The Table:
Pool tables come in a range of sizes. English pool tables can come in diminutive 6 footers, whereas the American pool tables range from 7-9ft. So before you dive straight into your pocket, take a minute to assess where you can realistically house your table.

First, check out what exterior space you have available. Do you have a shed or garage full of old paints, tools, winter sledges and other unused items? Sounds like you? Then get on with the de-cluttering and store the stuff you can’t bear to throw away at Big Yellow. With some handy work you could transform this scene of stagnation to a room worthy for Hugh Hefner.

The Room:
If you’re working with a garden shed, you’ll probably want to choose a 6ft English pool table. You can pick a Deluxe 6ft Pool Table up for as little as £168.99 at Amazon. Or if you want a more practical way to use your shed space, how about this Rolling Flat Snooker Table from Amazon for £239.99?

First step, check that there is no major damage to your shed. If the flooring is damp due to rising water beneath, you may need to replace the timbers. If the roof is showing signs of decay, head over to Wickes and get your hands on some Roofing Felt to ensure your pockets won’t be filled with water. Insulating your shed is important during the chilly winter months. It’s quick, inexpensive and any insulation material will suffice. Waterproof material, like bubble wrap or polystyrene will help keep your pool shed dry through the wettest weather.

Cueing is not an easy task in the dark, so the next stage is to ring your local qualified electrician, to run a wire from your house to your shed, then you can start installing lights and other electrics. Some pool/snooker lights like the one below would complete the transformation.

With a garage space, you probably have the freedom to use an American Pool table of any size if you can make it past the bank breaking prices. As ever, with quality comes a hefty price tag, but for just shy of £1700 you could get the Buffalo Eliminator Two Walnut Pool Table – certainly something you can claim the rights to show off about!

Commonly, the garage is a cold and dark place for lonely jam jars and empty vases, but with a floor makeover and some decent lighting, you’ll get a great result. Rubber tile is a suitable flooring option – no stray balls can damage that spongy floor. Take a look here for a step-by-step guide to installing your rubber tile floor. To get maximum lighting that will make your very own pool room a classy feature to your home, add Recessed Ceiling Lighting.

So what are you waiting for? With loads of options, you could be creating your own family games area for as little as a few hundred pounds (or even cheaper if you go down the eBay route).
If you just don’t have the space to work with in your home, then clear out your cluttered rooms and give us a call. Big Yellow Self Storage can offer you the space to house those items you just can’t throw away, for as little as £7 a week.

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