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  • 20th January 2011
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Customer Review Winners!

Big Yellow customers are invited by email to enter a review of our service on our website. Customers award stars out of five in the following categories: overall rating; convenience of the location; quality of the store environment; and store security features. The remaining categories include access arrangements, attitude of our staff, value for money and whether they recommend to a friend.

All submissions are entered into a prize draw to win a £15 Marks & Spencer voucher. On a quarterly basis 100 winners are selected at random by an independent supervisor.

Here are the latest voucher winners from September to November 2010:

Aimee Butcher
Alan Patman
Alistair Douglas
Amanda Akehurst
Amanda Steel
Amy Webster
Angie Swift
Anna Barwick
Anna Kropelnicki
Ansobe Smal
Barbara Kadziela
Callum Mitchell
Catherine Passmore
Chris Flood
Clare Marriott
Corrina Kennedy
David Radwell
Denise Channing
Donna Kelly
Eliana Lambrou
Emily Dubberley
Evelyn Korankye
Fermin Moliner
Fiona Meardon
Francesca Campoli
Francis Cotton
Franco Falcone
Karen Street
Halszka Bencych
Heidi Miner
Howard Wheeler
Geoff Healey
Graham Tunstall
J MacKenzie
Jenni kilvert
Jenny Hull
Jeremy C Melton
Jo Garth
John D. Burrows
Josh King
Judith Norton
Judith Richards
K K Reddy
Karen Hedderman
Karl Melkerts
Kate Neilan
Kerry Allwood
Lachlan Thom
Laurence O’Brien
Lisa Webster
Louise Baker
Lucy Barratt
M M Watson
Mandy Evans
Marie Sciberras
Mark Daley
Martin Birch
Marzia Nicodemi-Ehikioya
Matthew Shaw
Michal Pienkowski
Michelle Dean
Min Teo
Mr Fergus Rae
Oliver Hugo
Omar Uddin
P Taylor-Medhurst
Pam Grant
Patrick Courtney
Paul Browne
Persephone M Wynn
Philip Moor
Piotr Krawczyk
Rebecca Hougham
Reg Popescue
Richard Bowell
Richard Giordano
Rob Farries
Robin Stirzaker
Roger Blackburn
S Bila
Sajal choudhury
Scott Goulden
Mr Simon Leather
Sonal Mody
Sophie Walsh
Stuart Finch
Stuart John Aldridge
Tan Jun Jie
Terry Sinnett
Thomas Fothergill
Tom morrison
Trevor & Chris Armstrong
Valentina Magaletti
Valerie Dilly
Veronika Peterson
Vivien Toh
Vicki & Robert Price
Wendy Blake
Plus one other – removed for confidentiality reasons

Full list available on request