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  • 14th January 2011
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Customer Review Winners!

Big Yellow customers are invited by email to enter a review of our service on our website. They award stars out of five in the following categories: overall rating; convenience of the location; quality of the store environment; and store security features. The remaining categories include access arrangements, attitude of our staff, value for money and whether they recommend to a friend.

All submissions are entered into a prize draw to win a £15 Marks & Spencer voucher. On a quarterly basis, 100 winners are selected at random by an independent supervisor.

Here is the list of the winners from June to August 2010:

Alice Matthews
Andy Clifford
Ann Tofari
Annette Haden
Antikhab Hussain
Arun Suri
Ash Humby
Barnaby Griffin
Belinda Porter
Beth Fenn
Carol Ann Etheridge
Carol O’Gorman
Carolan Bradburn
Caroline Prime
Caroline Sankey
Cecelia Allen
Christine Bray
Christine Bull
Cristina McDowall
Damien Bove
Darren Morrell
David Cavender
David Sweet
Deborah Franklin
Diana Barker
Elaine Livingstone
Emma Ireson
Emma Webster
Evelyn Johnston
Evey Moffat
GavIn Moore
Helen Benham
Helen Jackson
Helen Leigh-Phippard
Helen Webber
Hong Ho
Ian Campbell
Ian Yates
Irene Harvey
Jackie O’Neill
Jacky MacLeod
James Dickson
Janice Papworth
Jeanette Hunter
Jennie Jackson
Jill Mynard
Joanne Cross
Joanne Downes
Julian White
Julie Henderson
Julie Stewart
Kate Sutherland-West
Katherine Grieve
Kathrine Krogulec
Kevin Davies
Ligaya Bolton
Linda Hine
Lora McGinlay
Lorna Robinson
Louise Heathcote
Louise Nevard
Maria Joseph
Marshall Julius
Michael Tarbatt
Natalie Glegg
Nicola Barker
Norainie Ahmad
P Hamby
Paula Fidler
Rachel Greenhalgh
Robyn Clarke
Roger Clarkson
Ruth Smith
Sally Bell
Samantha Henderson
Sandra Murray
Sarah Baines
Sarah Laycock
Sarah McCrimmon
Shane Small
Steve Darke
Steve Thompson
Steven Montgomery
T Harris
Teresa Hill
Vicki Francis
Vicky Haddock
Victoria Jugg
Victoria Polson
Warren Pierson
Wendy Allen
Wendy Plater
Yue-Zhen Ho
Yvonne Poole
Zoe Allen
Zoe Jeavons