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  • 6th February 2012
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De-clutter your bathroom

What are your thoughts on the bathroom? Is it a throne to sit on and admire the view, a powder room to bless yourself with beauty, or even a library to enjoy a good read in peace and quiet.

If your bathroom isn’t quite the tranquil and heavenly environment you’d hope for, then sort it out with Big Yellow Self Storage’s top de-cluttering tips.

1. Plan your attack – If you want to leave the harder things till last, start with small items like the vanity. It’s easy to decide what to keep and what to throw in the rubbish bin. Plan on moving to open shelves next. Then head under the sink, and finally into the closet.
2. Pull out all the items you are not using – If you’ve got items that have been collecting dust for months or even years, it’s time to pull them out and open up shelving space.
3. Get rid of expired products – you may find many items have expired even though they haven’t been used up yet. It’s best to chuck out any products that have reached their expiration date.
4. Check the shower – The shower and bath area is one of the most obvious places we collect half-used items over the months. Make sure to ask everyone in your home if their products are actually being used or if it’s safe to throw them away. Purchasing a shower caddy is an easy way to organize your shower and bath area. If you have children, you can also purchase a string bag for the bath to keep all those rubber duck toys together!
5. Invest in storage baskets and boxes – Sometimes, separating items into different baskets or small boxes can make you feel that much more organized. It’s easier to locate that nail file or eye shadow if you’ve designated a certain basket for them. Inexpensive storing options can easily be found at Tesco for as little as £3, as well as Debenhams and BHS for £9.
6. Downsize your collection of towels. Sort through them and decide which ones are the best to keep and then donate the rest to charity. You’ll find you have a lot more room in your cupboard for storage!
7. Keep what you’ll use – After de-cluttering it’s time to organize your products and place them back on the shelves. Try to group similar items together, making it easier and faster to find the products you’re looking for in the future.
By following these simple tips, you’ll have all the items you need within arm’s reach without all that clutter and chaos from before and hopefully you’ll finally be able to start enjoying your new and improved de-cluttered sanctuary!

If you’re moving bathroom furniture and you don’t quite feel like throwing it out yet, you can always put it in a small Big Yellow Self Storage unit which start from just £7 a week!