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  • 10th January 2012
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De-cluttering your lounge of gadgets

We’re kicking off how to get storage FIT in 2012 with tips on how to sort out wires and gadgets as we focus on de-cluttering your tech in the lounge!

The age of CD’s, digital cameras and DVD’s are fading away. We’re now living in a world of the Digital Cloud. So before you get left behind, or your other half demands you get rid of all of your favourite gadgets, make 2012 the year that you sort it out and finally get rid of that knot of cables behind your telly and that pile of never played CD’s!

1. It’s MP3’s over CD’s
Save space and chuck the CD’s out. Import all your CD’s to your computer as soon as possible. You can use iTunes/Zune/Media Player to do this. It’s worth buying a portable hard drive allowing you extra space for all your files if you have quite a few, although most new laptops come with around 350GB of hard disk space which is more than enough for an average collection. Hard Drives are cheap thee days and you can get a whopping 1TB exterbnal drive from PC World or Amazon for as little as £70.

2. Cable clear up
Rather than having a spiders web of cables clogging the sockets, you can easily sort this tangled nightmare out with some cheap cable tidies from Amazon. Some great examples are Fisula Velcro ties (from £3.29 for 10) or £1.99 for 100 basic nylon ones if you want to go cheap!

Going further you may want to get rid of cables altogether! Get rid of your speaker cables with this £20 wireless connector from pixmania.

3. The Wireless Age
Apple TV gives you access to everything you want to see and hear – blockbuster films, your music and photos, news and sport – all on your widescreen Television. Using a wireless network, you can stream HD films from itunes over the internet onto your TV. Using iCloud means all your photos will automatically back up onto your TV, so you can catch all those priceless memories in HD quality forever. Rather than buying a huge TV cabinet for all your gear, the Apple TV box fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, giving you plenty of space to use for something else.

If you want everything wireless from your temperature control to your lighting check out INSTEON

4. Tablet Takeover
Ipads & Tablets are replacing home automation controls! Designed to remain docked in the wall whilst being easily removed. With a specially configured home, they can control everything in your house, from your thermostat to your swimming pool. It is all controlled using wi-fi which allows third parties, such as smartphones to join in the control.

5. Keep backups!
Even the hardcore geeks say you can’t trust this process of ‘digital everything’, believing that there is always a chance that data can’t be recovered. If you’re similarly paranoid, store all your hard drives in a box, preferably with a sachet of silica gel inside to help prevent mould build-up. For added security you could leave them in your Big Yellow Storage unit.

If you want to keep your old gadegts, backups of your drives, old computers or even your old CD collection, get your gear stored at Big Yellow Self Storage. Big Yellow can offer you the space to house all your itmes that are too priceless to replace, for as little as £7 a week.

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates on how to get storage FIT in 2012!