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  • 6th April 2012
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De-stressing Easter!

Easter should be a great time for all the family; kids coming over, family together at last! But often what starts out as a celebration we’re all excited about turns out to deliver exactly the opposite – a hugely stressful weekend.
From too many kids with not enough things to do, to overly fussy relatives, Easter can often be somewhat overwhelming for the host family. Don’t let this happen to your weekend by following Big Yellow’s top tips on how to avoid a family bust-up by de-stressing this weekend!

1. De-cluttering:
Right, you’ve got loads of people coming over, and loads of people means less space in your household, so anticipate this and free up as much room as you possibly can.
• Clear your spaces of potentially breakable items. If you have storage in the attic or cellar, make sure you remove your precious glassware, ceramics and easily breakable objects d’art. Wrap them up carefully in newspaper or bubble wrap and make sure they’re out of reach of youngsters.
• Move some of your furniture if possible. Push your TV back as far as it will go and put any speaker grills back on to avoid kids pressing the speakers in with their fingers.
• Check how many chairs you have. If you need more, consider small collapsible stools. These can be picked up from places like Argos for as little as a fiver .
• If you haven’t got an attic or cellar, then why not consider storing your extra stuff at Big Yellow Self Storage? We have lockers available for as short a hire as 1 week and from only £5.

2. Kids Sleeping over?

Kids love a sleepover and what better way to celebrate Easter than by having one big slumber party with all the siblings and cousins.

• Dedicate a room as a “kids zone”, set up some games and toys, and let their imaginations do the rest. Set up some comfortable airbeds for the children to sleep on and bring in some sleeping bags and pillows. You can buy airbeds from the big supermarkets from around £10 in both pink and blue to keep them happy!

3. Food
When considering what to have to eat, why not think about a buffet? If you’re going to cook a roast for 15-20 people, let’s face it you’re going to be in the kitchen for the whole time as you juggle pots and pans around trying to maximize your food output, when really you should be enjoying the family’s company.
• Why not prepare some food the day before and let everyone help themselves? Things like cooked hams and chicken from the supermarket can help, as well as loads of salads and nibbles.
• Make sure you think about the kids, cocktail sausages (meat or quorn) are always favourites. Most kids will prefer these to adult food, and they’re dead easy to prepare.
• It’s always difficult finding a place for everyone to sleep but it’s equally important to be able to fit everyone around the dining table for that Easter dinner. Creating a kid’s table is an easy way to make more room for the adults at the main table. It’s an easy way for the children to be entertained and not lost or bored in the adult conversations.

4. Chill out!
Take some time out! Plan with your other half to make sure you both spread the level of chores. Make sure you both have at least an hour or two out of the house whilst preparing, and plan on some time at the end of the day to soak all those stresses away in the bath!