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De-stressing when moving home.

The stress of moving house has been the bane of many of our lives, so it comes as no surprise that recent surveys have indicated that moving house is the most stressful experiences that we could ever go through – even knocking divorce from the number one top spot.

As much as we’d all love an immediate quick fix where moving post codes is concerned, there’s no getting round the fact that there’s a great deal of planning, packing and bubble wrap popping to endure to help get the whole process off the ground, and that comes long before the crucial decision on whether to paint the kitchen Vanilla or Egg shell.

Luckily, following Big Yellow’s 5 top tips on a stress free move will see you into you new house with the upmost ease.

1. Plan:
We often experience stress when things appear to be out of our control, so why not make life easy on yourself by reclaiming the control and planning ahead. Create a ‘To Do List’ detailing everything from packing the cutlery to bubble wrapping the garden gnome – this way you are almost guaranteed to get things done efficiently and most of all, without the headache.

2. Watch the pennies:
With cost being one of the most popular stress factors when moving house, why not start early and plan a budget within your mortgage to help spread the cost of payments? This will ensure there are no nasty surprises when the credit card bill arrives in the post.

3. Clear the junk:
Packing and unpacking takes great skill, patience and endurance which is a task that often separates the strong from the weak. With that said, de – cluttering your old home from unwanted items before you move is essential to saving money and creating less hassle.

4. Box it:
This is possibly the most obvious, but it still doesn’t go without saying – get as many boxes as physically possible. Whether cardboard, plastic or flat packed; the more boxes you get the more likely you won’t be scouring your local supermarket for desolate boxes for a last minute packing spree. Don’t forget that Big Yellow sell boxes. You can check out for a full online list of our boxes.

5. And breathe…
Lastly, don’t forget to breathe and remember it will all be worth it once everything is unpacked and that new duvet is now firmly cemented on your king size bed.

Follow these simple tips and moving house will undoubtedly be plain sailing. If you find you still need more storage, consider space at Big Yellow Self Storage. We can keep your possessions safe and ready for when you need them and storage starts from as little as £5 a week. For more tips on packing and stacking, check out our downloadable handy guide at