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Decorating your home Mad Men style!

For many the 1960’s are well and truly long gone, however for a growing few the 60’s are coming back. From the start of time (well fashion) people have done the ‘in-thing’ and followed what’s trending and it appears with the hit US TV show, ‘Mad Men’ starting its 5th series the next biggest trend is to kit your house out ‘Mad Men Style’.

You may be thinking this is just ‘hearsay’ but the TV show is starting to influence the interior market in a big way due to the high demand and popularity for the new trend. This means that the ‘new’ look is now easy to achieve.

This is not just hitting our homes; it is starting to change the office space too! Combine brass, teak and leather to create an understated yet powerful vibe. American walnut is a staple of the mid-century look. Try the modern-retro steel lines of the Danish oil-stained Clybourn desk, from Crate & Barrel.

Vintage phones are also popular again, for example the Sagemcom Sixty cordless version (available here) that comes in an on-trend burnt orange. This combines the modern trend and high street fashion with a vintage feel.

Retro prints are also back in vogue, and you cannot do the Mad Men look without ‘Lucienne Day’s’ textiles. Use them on a variety of surfaces, including soft furnishings and wall coverings. Try spirografica for an exclusive range of cushion designs. A selection of fabrics and wall coverings is also available from the Victoria and Albert.

Don’t think you have to make this change right away. Start attending car boot sales and vintage markets to pick up bits and pieces here and there. As you build up your collection watch your space change style with a very small amount of effort!

If you decide to take on the ‘Mad Men Style’ but think the modern chic look of today might creep back into fashion in the future, you can store your current furniture at Big Yellow Self Storage for as little as £5 a week!