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  • 15th July 2011
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Did You Know – 1.3 million people sell full time on eBay?

Did you know, 1.3 million people make their living selling full-time on eBay? – That’s according to CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman.

Incredible though it might seem, it’s also great to hear that so many people are taking the initiative and working for themselves. Looking through the market place, you can find virtually everything you could ever want. From vintage cars to old vinyl LPs, 1920s lace gloves to a new tap for the kitchen sink, adult fancy dress to a first edition book. eBay is truly an online shoppers heaven!

Selling on eBay isn’t difficult either. You just need a computer, something to sell and storage for your goods. has ideas on personal and business storage solutions free from pets, cigarette smoke and damp – essential if you are to be a successful eBayer.

Many eBay sellers don’t want boxes cluttering the home and Big Yellow Self Storage provides perfect flexibility for storing stock. With storage available from as little as £6 and no complicated contracts or leases, Big Yellow staff can accept stock on your behalf and storage space can be as little as 10 square feet up to 150 square feet or more.

De-cluttering is an ideal way to find things to sell on eBay – just get rid of anything you don’t need anymore and make some extra money. It’s no wonder so many people are opening up seller accounts.

Trade sellers in particular are on the increase as rents have risen on the high street. The computer screen has become the modern answer to the shop window. The living room can become the store room!

Visit to see how personal storage can help you de-clutter your home, whilst making a profit at the same time.