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  • 7th September 2011
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Did You Know : DIY Costs

So how much does DIY Cost? And is it really advisable to do something like a loft conversion all by yourself? Here are some of the real facts of DIY:
1) Try some thrifty alternatives to more traditional interior (and exterior design) by using DIY. For example ceramic flowers pots in the garden can be overpriced. Why not turn something else into a flower pot? Not only does it save you money, it’s also recycling and it looks cool and arty. Old food cans (especially treacle tins), leaky watering cans and wellington boots and even (if you’re a bit more daring) your old car can all be used to house flowers. Go here to see how you can make a plant pot out of a tea pot.
2) You can actually calculate how much an extension will cost on helpful websites like Check out their easy to use calculator.
3) If you have a set of shelves to set up, Do It Yourself. The cost of a builder to install shelves is £80 and £100, while it’ll cost you £20 for the shelf and bracket needed to hold it. Make sure to check for hidden wires before drilling, though!
4) A big way to save with DIY (both the most fun and the most messy) is by painting your house yourself. It costs a lot less and by following these simple tips you can make sure you do it right. Before starting, wash down the walls with a suitable detergent to get rid of any debris that might upset the paint. Set up dust sheets along the bottom of the walls to catch any paint drips. Use a vertical up-and-down motion for the walls, and a similar horizontal side-to-side motion for the corners. Catch any runs before they dry or you’ll need to sandpaper them down and repaint the area.
5) Investing in high quality tools is advisable. They’ll probably get the job done quicker (as they’re more efficient). They are less likely to malfunction and hurt someone, and you’ll save money later replacing them as they’re sure to last longer.
Good luck! We’d love to hear about some of your DIY disasters at our Big Yellow on Facebook page.