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  • 15th September 2011
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Did you know: Unusual collections

Collecting has always been close to our hearts here at Big Yellow Self Storage, but we all know it can be a bit addictive. Rare is the person who can say with complete honesty that they’ve never collected anything. Be it Pokémon cards or vegetables resembling the rich and famous, pretty much anything is viable for collectable status, and some of them are downright hilarious. Here are some of our favourite wacky collections:
1. In Germany, Jens Veerbeck owns a collection of over 600 toasters. Scoff if you will but a few of these appliances are worth over £1,500. His most valued is a vintage model from the 1920s which costs £3,500.
2. The world’s largest collection of traffic signs is owned by American Steve Salcedo. His stockpile of over 350 warning, parking and street name signs have all been found on eBay or in antique stores and can be seen in their entirety on his website.
3. While no one knows the identity of the world’s foremost collector of Coca-Cola cans, it hardly detracts from the incredible display of 8000 cans.
4. There’s actually a tie for the most toothpaste ever collected. It’s currently between Germany’s Carsten Gutzeit and America’s Val Kolpakov. They have over 1000 unique brands and flavours of toothpaste a piece and share the world record.
5. One of our personal favourites is the rather sweet (sorry we couldn’t resist) collection by sucrologist Phil Miller: Sugar packets. He started in 1978 with a range of packets featuring the American presidents and now has a collection 8,000 strong.
So if you have a weird and wonderful collection knocking about head over to Big Yellow on Facebook to tell us about it collections (or maybe about those of someone you know).