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  • 22nd October 2010
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Get Inspired To Clear Out Your Home During National Declutter Week!

National Declutter Week kicks off this Saturday 23 October until Sunday 31 October and is a great chance for the entire nation to get rid of some rubbish.

With the kids off school for half term and Christmas just around the corner, there has never been a better time to make a start on decluttering. Set aside a day to clear out your home and realise the benefit of a clutter free home.

Big Yellow Self Storage has taken inspiration from National Declutter Week and compiled five top tips for de-cluttering your home from our self storage blog archive:

1. Tackle the task section by section, otherwise it can seem too overwhelming. Ensure you finish each part before you move on to the next

2. Throw out all the bottles, toothbrushes and soaps etc which are old or empty and only keep the essential toiletries on display in your bathroom

3. Keep a basket by the front door for shoes which are worn everyday and put any shoes which are worn less often away in the wardrobe or under the bed

4. Be ruthless when clearing out your wardrobe – if you have not worn an item for over a year, sell it or donate it to charity

5. Install good habits into your children; make them throw out an old toy every time they get something new

As National Declutter Week coincides with half term, it would be a good idea to get the children to help out. Give them each a small task and reward them once they have completed their job, with a treat or a trip out to the park or cinema. Remind your children that they will be getting lots of new toys for Christmas and encourage them to donate toys which they no longer use to charities. You could turn decluttering into a game if you have more than one child, challenging them to see who can find the most toys to give away.

Whilst the children are busy clearing their clutter, use the time to tidy one of the rooms in the house. Label four boxes with a marker: ‘keep’, ‘sell’, ‘donate’ and ‘throw out’. For all the items that you cannot bear to part with, consider using self storage.

Big Yellow Self Storage can help with all your storage needs, whether you would like to rent one of our self storage rooms or just need some extra storage boxes or vacuum storage bags to store your stuff in. Visit us in store or order online at our online box shop.