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Top tips on packing a Caravan…

Now that the sun has finally decided to join us for the summer, it’s the perfect time to dust off the caravan and head for that road trip that you’ve been planning all year. However, deciding what makes the all important ‘what to pack’ list is no mean feat and much like most great accomplishments, it takes highly skilled planning before you can claim victory.

The old age adage, “less is more” couldn’t be more fitting an expression for this process, so it is advisable to think light before you pack the essentials – but no need to worry if this all seems daunting because we’ve devised a few handy tips to get your summer road trip off to a sunny start.


Despite being semi Tardis-like, caravans aren’t the actual Tardis and won’t carry everything and the kitchen sink, so make sure you plan carefully what you really need before you go on your holiday. Start at least 2 weeks beforehand by preparing a list of all essentials you’ll need.


The caravan cannot function without its fuel and neither should you, which is why Food is at the top of our list. After all, half the fun is in the type of food you consume throughout the journey but whilst it’s tempting to eat carelessly, it’s important to maintain a well balanced diet. Here are a few non – perishable suggestions:

• Sugar
• Salt and pepper
• Coffee
• Bottled Water
• Tea
• Pasta
• Tinned baked beans and tomato sauce
• Dried herbs

Cooking Utensils

Luckily, most caravans are already equipped with suitable sized stoves and also a microwave oven, which means the hard part, has already been taken care of. This just leaves good quality cooking utensils to pack, including the following:

• Plastic cooking bowls
• Tongs
• Bottle opener
• A cutting board
• Can opener
• A good sharp multi-purpose knife
• Disposable cutlery
• Oven proof holder


Depending on where you are going and how long for is an obvious indication of how much clothes you should pack. Travelers in search of more sunshine should definitely pack light weight clothing with something warm for the chilly nights and comfortable shoes for the day time to explore the meadows. If in doubt, these key items should keep you in check:

• T-shirts (no less than 5 pairs)
• Long sleeve fleece
• Sandals
• Trainers
• Shorts
• Jeans
• Umbrella
• Clean underwear

Above all, relying on a photographic memory is an easy way to forget a great experience, so make sure you pack a camera to capture all the golden moments and slip the credit card in your wallet just in case things don’t quite go to plan. Hopefully, after digesting all the above tips, you’ll have a top notch caravan holiday!

After you’ve finished your holiday, why not swing by Big Yellow and drop off the stuff you won’t need until your next trip in one of our secure lockers. It’s safer than leaving it in your caravan for months and with easy access to our premises you can drive your caravan straight up to the loading bay! Just visit our website at and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction of our latest storage offers.