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  • 8th December 2011
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Loft Conversion

Remember that room in the house that you never use? Which room you say? You know, the big one with lots of space, also known as the loft! That’s right, the loft, and all it takes to utilise this space is a loft conversion. By doing this you will not only increase the space in your home, but will add to the house price, meaning although it may be an expensive cost upfront, you’ll more than make this back on sale.

There are a few types of loft conversions for you to consider. Your decision should not only be on the style of your roof, but your budget, planning restrictions and preference. Types of popular loft conversions include:

1. Velux: Velux windows are installed within the existing line of the roof. The structure of the roof is not changed and therefore planning permission isn’t usually required (it’s always good to check though)! Because extensive alteration is not required, the costs are kept down.
2. Dormer: For this type of conversion an extension is added to the roof. This allows extra floor space and headroom within the loft. Dormers protrude from the roof, normally at the rear of the property. Great for lofts with limited space, they are most often seen on average 3 bedroom semi- or terrace houses because of relatively low costs and simple construction.
3. Mansard: These types of conversions add two slopes, one almost horizontal and the other almost vertical. Named after the 17th-century French architect Francois Mansart, these loft conversions really maximize the space of your loft and most often require planning permission.

Now that you know the types, the next step is finding out if you need planning permission and after taking the necessary actions, getting a quote.

There are many reasons to get a lot conversion, below are Big Yellow’s favourites:

1. Another room. Your home may feel a little smaller since you moved in or your family could be growing. Either way, converting your loft can provide you with another room. Tucked away at the top of your house, you could use it as a guest room, an office, a play room or even a gym. Whatever you use it for, we’re sure the space will not go unused!
2. Extra Value. Were you looking to move home, but has the decrease in house prices made you have second thoughts? Getting a loft conversion can buy you extra time during the financial crisis. After your conversion and when house prices inevitably recover, your home will be worth significantly more with an extra room. Thus, making a loft conversion a solid investment.
3. Environmental Concerns. Are you environmentally inclined? Are you a frantic recycler? With ever growing concerns about our environment it is important that we all do our bit to reduce our carbon footprints. Getting a loft conversion will not only give you space to add environmentally friendly features, such as solar panels, but blinds that have a thermal silver backing can be fitted to your Velux windows, these are great for reducing heat loss from your roof. Both these will not only decrease your carbon footprint, but will also significantly reduce your energy bills.

So there you have it, a loft conversion will really help you get the most from your home. But what to do with all the stuff you have stored up in the loft? At Big Yellow Self Storage we have a solution. For as little as £7 a week we can store the bits from your loft while it’s being converted and before you find a new home for your things.

Have you had a loft conversion? How was it and how did it benefit your house? At Big Yellow we would love to hear from you!