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Move It or Lose It: The Race For Space Leaves Kids’ Stuff Behind

In a recent study, we found that parents throw out possessions worth £285 when a child grows up and leaves the family home.

The items children most commonly leave behind, and run the risk of losing, are:
• Books (64 per cent)
• Clothes (60 per cent)
• Sentimental items and trinkets (60 per cent)
• School memorabilia (56 per cent)
Move It or Lose It - Pair of Heels

Children also leave behind bulkier items, taking up more space, such as:
• Sports equipment (27 per cent)
• Furniture (27 per cent)
• Bikes (21 per cent)
Move It or Lose It - Sports Kit

The, some would say, callous clear out takes place as parents look to make the most of the extra space left behind, with parents waiting an average of six months before sorting out their child’s room. An eager 15 per cent of parents wait less than two weeks to start the renovations, and one in 12 leave it just one week.

Over a third of people expect their parents to leave these possessions untouched, just as they left them – so it may come as a shock to those that boomerang back to the roost to find their parents have thrown out, given away and in some cases even sold a sizeable chunk of their items.

It therefore comes as no surprise that one in 10 of grown-up children argue with their parents at least once a month over the stuff they’ve left behind, with the average child having seven rows a year with parents about their possessions.

When it comes to returning home, parents be warned, as 33 per cent of the so-called boomerang generation admit to bringing home additional belongings equating to a van-full or more.
Move It or Lose It - Full Car

Some parents may feel prepared for the additional items, but they may not be quite as prepared for the 24 per cent of offspring who return to the family home with their partner, kids and in some cases even pets in tow.
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By putting belongings into storage, the boomerang generation can move in and out of the family home as many times as they need. From just £5 a week and as little as seven days, Big Yellow offers a number of space solutions, from the size of a wardrobe to a warehouse, that will be sure to ease the pressure of multi-generational living.