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  • 29th September 2011
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Moving your child to University

So it’s time for your young one to fly the nest (well kind of) and leave for university! They’ll be leaving behind a lot of memories…but also a lot of junk. So you’ve dropped them off and they’re having the time of their life, but what about the contents of their bedroom that they’ve left behind? Is it necessary to keep all those childhood reminders or is it time for your child to let go of them in order to embark on a new, independent adult life?

Before you perform this monster clear out you should probably consult with your child…just in case, you may not think things to be items of treasure but to your youngster that is exactly what they might be. So how could you get your son or daughter involved and make sure you don’t clear out anything that they feel needs to be kept? Probably the best way to make sure you don’t get rid of anything meaningful is to ask your youngster to go through everything before they leave for university, and if they don’t…well then you can just turn to your own judgement after all you did warn them.

Of course there are things that should be kept, whether it’s out of sentimental value or whether it’s because they’re just too priceless to get rid of but there are also things that can and should be chucked away. But what are these things? They’ve decided that they’re too old to take their stuffed toys to University. Surely that means there too old for them at home as well? Or would your youngster like to keep them as a reminder of the simpler times, perhaps there is so much love invested in the bear or dog etc that it just wouldn’t be right to let it go.

So you’ve been going through all the piles of papers left in your child’s room, there is everything from old bank statements to birthday cards from their second birthday. Well of course the bank statements can go but the birthday cards could be sentimental to your child and those things cannot be replaced. So perhaps the best option is to gather these, along with the other items holding too many memories to throw away into a container. To make sure your child takes the task seriously and is reasonable with the amount they get rid of, you could set them a limit on how many containers they can have of stuff that you are willing to keep but the rest must go and perhaps limit a further amount of boxes to be kept in storage perhaps until after University when 3 years will have passed and they can revisit these items again and decide whether they still wish to keep them. For things such as photos, get your child to put the photos they want to keep in albums, this can be a nice way of spending time together and re-living the memories those photographs bring. There is also the option of digitising your old photographs by scanning them into the computer, that way you still have them but they aren’t taking up any space.

As we all know university students get more holidays than all of ours put together, particularly over summer. Therefore it may make sense to get your child to pack a few large bags of the belongings they’ll be needing at home over the summer (probably just clothes) and then pack the rest into boxes and leave them in the Big Yellow Storage nearest to your child’s university, ready for you to pick up and drop off at their new accommodation at the beginning of next term.

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