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Nesting Niggles: The race for baby space (and a discount for NCT members)

We recently conducted some research that shows babies are dominating the household before they are even born, with baby clutter taking over a third of the family home.
baby on board

Leading up to the arrival of a baby, an average of three rooms in the home are filled by baby items as parents prepare for the big day. With some of the smallest homes in Western Europe*, it appears that British parents are utilising every empty space with one in 10 parents having to resort to storing baby items in the hallway.

A quarter of parents underestimated the amount of space needed for a baby and as a result, new parents have thrown away up to £2,000 of their possessions to make space for the additional belongings needed.

It seems some new parents aren’t too happy about the clear out, as one in six respondents admit they only got rid of their belongings because their partner had told them to. Men must sacrifice the most with a fifth of fathers being told to give up items such as games consoles and bikes compared with only one in 10 women being made to let go of their possessions.

New parents spend, on average, £950 on new items for their first child. A third admit to spending over the £1,000 mark, although 13 per cent felt they went overboard with their purchases and found they didn’t have enough space when the baby arrived.

Over half of parents admit to arguing with their partner over a lack of space in the home whilst preparing for the birth of their first child. With baby items taking up so much room and personal belongings being left out in the cold, it comes as no surprise that couples begin to feel the pressure.

A spokesperson from NCT, says: “While having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life, it can also be one of the most challenging. With each baby comes a new set of priorities, which can result in parents experiencing changes in their roles and relationships. Every new parent faces a steep learning curve. Working with parents every day, we know that communication and flexibility are the keys to easing tension between partners and, more importantly, a happy and exciting first year with the new baby.”

Anthony Chenery, Big Yellow Self Storage spokesperson, says: “UK parents are regularly having to make compromises when it comes to space to ensure that they have the extra room needed to bring up their newborn. Big Yellow can offer a cheaper alternative to upsizing your home, with a spare room away from home to store your additional belongings, to allow for an easy transition to parenthood.”

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*Royal Institute of British Architects Case for Space Report, September 2011