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  • 31st October 2011
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READ International first National Donation Day

On the weekend, Saturday 29th October Big Yellow Self Storage opened their doors to support READ International first National Donation Day. It was organised in a hope to motivate hundreds of UK schools and individuals to donate their old books, helping READ International in their mission: to improve access to education and empower school children in East Africa to fulfil their own potential.

READ International student volunteers are now sorting all the books generously donated to ensure only the best quality and most relevant ones are sent out to East Africa. Those that don’t fit the bill will be sold to raise funds for shipping the good books and as a last resort what is left will be recycled – nothing goes to landfill.

Since 2006 READ International has sent over 1 million books to Tanzania and Uganda – vital educational resources which have been distributed directly to the thousands of schools that need them most.

Mama Sitta, Former Tanzanian Minister of Education said:
“These resources are extremely valuable to our schools; providing this kind of educational support is one of the best ways to alleviate poverty in Africa”

It costs READ International just 75 pence to move a disused textbook from a UK school into the hands of a school student in East Africa. If you’d like to support READ International or find out more about their work please visit