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READ International Uganda Update (Part 2)

Throughout the six weeks in Uganda the student volunteers from the University of Edinburgh were faced with many challenges in the library and by the end they had managed to create a fantastic space. The opening ceremony of the library really brought it home to the volunteers what they had achieved. Children had the opportunity to explore the new books that had been donated to READ and kept secure in Big Yellow Self Storage’s rooms across the UK.

The day was full of special moments as children of all ages surrounded the team throughout eager to be read to. Children from local primary schools performed during the event standing up reading in front of the others showing their delight at the new facilities.

Members of the town council and representatives from the National Library of Uganda set out their ambitions for the future of the library and filled READ and the team with hope. The renovation wasn’t the end but a beginning where members of the local community could meet, study and read for pleasure.

To find out how you can get active with READ International or donate books to the project please visit their Facebook group.