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  • 5th January 2012
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Resolutions: Get fit and create a home gym for under £100

Ok, so it’s the New Year – you want to get fit, but with some gym memberships being way out of your post-Christmas price range, why not save yourself a few quid and do your workout in the comfort of your own home!

For £100 you can quite easily kit out your spare room with equipment from eBay, so you can even shop from home.

A multi-gym covers most strength exercises and will allow you to adapt your work out with its multi functions. Or why not try out a simpler piece of equipment and see how many Pull up Push up Sit up Dips you can do! This is a cheap and cheerful £28.49.

If your piggy bank is a little too bare for these bits of gym equipment you can do it even cheaper by using more basic techniques which you just need some space for. One cheaper option is using a Stability Ball. This is the big ball that you can use for crunches, squats, sit-ups and once you are bored of excising on this it can double up as a bouncy, moving desk chair! Try to add a new piece of exercise equipment every few months to keep your routine fresh and exciting.

If you get stuck with what to do, try using ideas from fitness magazines, personal trainers, or websites as they can be very helpful and most importantly cheap! Why not create a scrapbook of at least 5 tried out workouts that you can do at home. If you have something in writing, you’ll be far more likely to do it. Also, if you have a TV, computer, or radio in your home gym space you’ll be far more likely to exercise if you can be entertained while you’re doing so.

And if you’ve not got the space, then why not clear out your spare room, and put your stuff in Big Yellow Self Storage from as little as £7 a week and start getting fit in 2012!