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  • 8th March 2012
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Room makeovers

We’ve all moved into a property with best intentions of giving the interior an overhaul and adding our own touch. But, by the time you’ve paid all the moving costs and bought all the essentials, the reality is most of us don’t have enough money to crack on with that winning makeover.

There are ways to give your rooms a spruce without spending a fortune. Simple things like getting rid of that stain on the carpet, having another look at that comfy old armchair you’ve been hiding away because it’s so worn and spending a bit of time rolling your sleeves up for a quick revamp.

1. Stain removal – tips from FB. Thanks for letting us know all your top stain removers. We’ve put together a blog about getting rid of anything, from that red wine stain to grass stains

2. There’s nothing like a bit of fresh paint to invigorate a room. Go for pure white and instantly brighten any interior.

3. Cover up your favourite chair with a colourful blanket. Be patriotic with the Jubilee and Olympics coming up with this Union Jack throw from John Lewis £150

4. Accessorise with some London scatter cushions £25

5. Recover that tired looking sofa. Be brave, with some glue, a staple gun and some inspirational fabric, you could transform your furniture for a fraction of the cost of a new sofa. Designers Guild have a vast range of bright fabrics in florals, prints and this season’s must have, stripes. It doesn’t have to all be one piece. You can use offcuts cleverly to create an iconic look!

6. Add a feature wall with some bold wallpaper

7. Refresh your carpet by hiring a carpet cleaner and within half an hour it will look like new.

8. Cover up any bad stains or holes with a Royal Mail postage stamp rug £765

9. Soften the mood with lighting – the days of using 100w light bulbs hanging from the centre of the room have gone. Heals are the icon of lighting try this unusual floor lamp £299

10. Add some bold prints for the blank walls like this retro Beano cover on canvas from the Conran shop £299