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  • 17th November 2011
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Sharing a Home – Big Yellow’s Top Tips

There comes a time in everyone’s life when moving in with your partner seems like the ‘next step’. However, when it comes to it, the realities can be quite a shock! Have a read through Big Yellow’s top tips to make sure your joint move goes as smoothly as possible!

Knowing your Boundaries
When two people move in together, there will always be the issue over whose belongings are whose and how far someone can be pushed. Take the time to have a conversation before you move in with each other to discuss your boundaries. Do you like being left alone for an hour after a busy day at work? Or maybe your laptop is just for you and this is the one part of your life you would prefer not to share? Talking to the person you are moving in with to set these boundaries is vital and will stop an argument before it has started. Research suggests that couples argue 312 times per year over menial things such as leaving the toilet seat up. Ladies if this one on the things that can ‘grind your gears’; get it out in the open! Communication is essential.

Hi-fi Equipment
Two TV’s. Two iPod docks. Two DVD players. When moving in with your partner, you will probably realise you have two of everything! Why not sell one of each and with the money, buy yourselves something special for your new home! Think about putting the money towards something you would share; a king sized bed maybe?

One partner in the relationship will most likely have more clothes, shoes and coats then their partner. This may be a tricky situation if your new home doesn’t have much storage space. However it may be a good time to go through your belongings and see what you use and what you don’t. If getting rid of clothes sounds like a painful task that you refuse to complete, then why not put some things into storage? Big Yellow Self Storage offers a variety of sized spaces available to rent. A perfect solution for keeping your clothes and keeping your partner happy!

Deciding on Furniture
It’s all about the lazy boy chair! (Says he) Is it? Is it really? (Says she) Deciding on the right furniture is a tricky task, especially if you’ve already build up bits and pieces. Consider the decor of your home, will the pieces you already have fit with the style you wanted to go for? If your partner has a piece you really do not want, be diplomatic in the way you tell them…and remember to compromise!

Kitchen Utensils
Similar to hi-fi equipment, you will most probably find yourselves with two sets of everything! Two sets of pots and pans, a lot of cutlery and mugs galore. This could be a perfect opportunity to be charitable and donate a few bits and pieces to your local charity shop. Not only will you be helping others, but this will give you the opportunity to de-clutter your kitchen space, allowing your new home to look fresh and tidy.

The joining together of two people’s belongings can create a cluttered home before you’ve even started. If you’re starting to realise your new home may not actually be big enough for all of your possessions, never mind your partner’s, why not consider temporarily putting some of your things into storage? Big Yellow Self Storage offers this for £7 a day to rent, which for a couple of weeks could give you the time to unpack bit by bit, enabling you to sort out what you will need together and what you don’t!