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  • 20th February 2012
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So you think you’re a gamer?

So you think you’re a gamer? You spend hours on end where nothing is true, where everything is permitted. Do you play during every spare moment you have? Or perhaps you’re a casual gamer, turning on your Xbox/PS3 every now and then. Just how devoted a video gamer are you?

Whether you’re a newbie or a Pro-gamer, having a specific room solely devoted for the gaming experience, is surely the perfect scene to let your avatar take over. With Big Yellow’s help, you can make that virtual experience spectacular. But it’s not just the virtual games that occupy a game room. A dartboard, pool table and a small fridge are essentials to help steer clear from what otherwise would be called the computer room.

1. First step first, create a floor plan of your ideal gaming arena! Head over to Big Yellow’s Space Kit App and get designing. But don’t be a noob (the gaming term for newbie!), remember to take measurements of all the items you’re going to purchase and include them in the diagram.

For the digital experience:
2. Get your hands on “The Ultimate Gaming Chair”. If the name itself doesn’t sell the chair, its features are sure to blow you to a galaxy far, far away. Throughout the chair, there are 12 vibration motors that are synchronized with the games action. It’s all leather material has an adjustable headrest and leg rest, with holders for both a beverage and a remote controller; and as if it can’t get much better than that, the chair also gives you a nice massage to relieve the stress and prevent those ‘rage quits’. As far as sound goes, you can plug headphones or your home surround sound system directly in. There are adjustable 3D stereo speakers built into the chair as well. For a not so nerd-crushing price of £349.95 at Boys Stuff, it’s the ultimate purchase!

3. Without a decent TV, your gaming experience will lag, fizzle and blur. Perhaps the best show-off screen, is the Philips unique LED-backlit TV. Primarily designed for Blu-ray movies, it makes gaming on a large widescreen ideal with little distortion.

4. It’s not just about games though – to complete the room, you also need to be thinking about what non tech kit will turn your room in to the Man Cave you deserve. A Dartboard and Table Football are available at a very reasonable price, and provide the perfect entertainment for the testosterone filled competitors. For those who have no intent to hold back, a Pool Table and Table Tennis Table would complete the ideal man cave, not forgetting a Bar for those with true style. For some genius inspiration, check out these Man Caves here, built with passion, devotion and above all, manliness.

While we’re on the Gaming tip, have you thought about retro gaming?
First off you can pick up some great consoles such as the legendary Spectrum, complete with loads of games for next to nothing on eBay. The graphics may not be up to much, but the playability is ace! Try out classics such as Commando or Jet Set Willy.

If you have an old game console hiding away in your attic, get that out! Don’t forget they’re all worth holding on to though as experts predict they’ll be the next antiques in the future. The retro Commodore 64 to the classic Sega Master System, hideous as they may look now in comparison to the sleek, chrome consoles of today are sure to be worth a few pounds.

When you’ve chosen your room, clear it out of anything you won’t need. If you’ve not got the space, Big Yellow Self Storage can help out with small Storage rooms from as little as £7 a week. Check out for more details.