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Sorting out your downstairs loo

It may be the smallest room in the house, but leave your downstairs loo cluttered and your guests will be turning their noses up for all the wrong reasons!

First off – the loo rolls
Do you really need to store 12 rolls next to your toilet? In a room that’s already small you can’t afford to take the risk of taking up all the space with your bargain purchase of a mega-pack from your supermarket. Make sure you keep on top of how many rolls you have and try and keep it to a minimum of 2-3 rolls at a time. You can store the rest under the stairs or in the garage. The 2-3 that you keep can be easily stored on a combination toilet roll holder like this one. Smart and neat.

Whilst we’re on the subject of storage of your rolls, under no circumstance should you turn into your granny and get something that resembles a Victorian lady to cover your roll no matter how retro it looks!

You don’t need to keep all your cleaning products in the loo. Stick to one bottle of cleaner. You’ll find you can tuck it away behind the toilet bowl to keep it out of sight but at hand.

Invest in a good looking brush, there’s nothing worse than a cheap looking brush in the loo. Make sure you regularly tip out the water and waste that collects in the holder to avoid unwanted smells.

Invest in good quality easily cleanable laminate flooring for the toilet and under no circumstances install carpet. If there is a gentleman in the house you can guarantee they’ll always be a little spillage around the floor area and carpet will just soak that up and it will smell, so go laminate all the way!
Finally make sure you have a vase of sweet smelling flowers or alternatively a touch n go style air freshener to make sure your smallest room is always welcoming and doesn’t drive your guests round the (u)bend!

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